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Mergers & Acquisitions

When our clients are undergoing a merger or acquisition process, we support this process by thoroughly examining the financial, legal, and tax circumstances of the company or business being targeted by our client.
In this area, Promethean provides the following assistance:


During the acquisition due to diligence exercise, we evaluate, in complete confidentiality, any issues concerning the target company or business to be acquired. We thus look carefully at the past results, scrutinize the projected performance of our client's target, and analyze all the key facts and indicators surrounding the transaction to determine any risks. Consequently, we would then understand how the acquisition price can be determined.
Throughout this exercise, we help our clients to:
  • gain an understanding of the performance of your target company or business
  • identify and analyze the key value drivers behind the acquisition price
  • identify potential risks to the transaction, evaluating the strategic benefits and pitfalls
  • optimize financial and tax positions
  • negotiate, structure, and complete the deal
Suppose our clients consider disposal to streamline their operations, plan their retirement, or respond to an attractive offer. In that case, W&D can help by assessing their options and optimizing their company's or business value. We assist our clients in managing and controlling the information in making the best decisions. It is part of our firm's ethos to act discreetly, maintaining complete confidentiality in the process. In recommending the best strategy for our client's needs, we offer the following services:
  • identifying and prioritizing factors to increase the business value
  • compiling pro forma financial information
  • analyzing past performance and building or reviewing a business plan
  • organizing and managing data to showcase information
  • guiding each phase of the negotiation process
  • maximizing our client's financial and tax position


Management buy-outs (MBOs) and management buy-ins (MBIs) are complex transactions that require a high level of technical expertise and can be time-consuming. Although exciting, these transactions can also be full of risk. Our team will help our clients realize the deal on their terms, offering the necessary support in the early months and years to address the many pressures. We also assist our clients in identifying the best method for the finance of MBOs and MBIs.


Doing the deal can be thrilling and intense. However, the major hurdle is often meeting promises and projections over an extended period. In this regard, we work hand in hand with our clients and provide direct support to management, such as:
  • business and scenario planning
  • measurement and performance indicators
  • people management: structure, reward, team-building
  • recruitment and down-sizing
  • changes to business processes
  • risk management

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